In this book, you will learn 14 High-Velocity Marketing Ideas to Propel Your Practice from Survival to Success.
  • Grow your practice in ways that not only work, but are easy to implement.
  • Go from surviving another day at the office to launching yourself and your practice to levels of success you never thought possible.
  • Get new patients!
  • And So Much More...
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Learn what to expect:
  •  How is Your Why?
  •  Know Thyself
  •  Know Your Audience
  •  Get a Reputation
  •  Be Digital-First
  •  Get Found
  •  Be Social
  •  Think Digital Ads
  •  Go Video
  •  Start Blogging
  •  Offer a Seminar
  •  Think Reactivation
  •  Set a 90-Day Strategy 
  •  Take a Step
  •  Creating a Facebook Landing Page
"Lincoln Kinkade and PT Launchpad have been an excellent resource for me over the first year of my practice. Lincoln had a passion for physical therapy as well as helping other practice owners reach their potential. I have been able to grow my business with strategies I've learned from Lincoln and the podcast. I look forward to working more with PT Launchpad!" 

- Doug James, PT
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